NIFC fly at 3 locations around the Newark area. Our main indoor flying location is the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall on the Newark Showground site. An alternative on the showground site is the Sheldon Suite. Should the Newark Showground site be unavailable, we have use of the Farndon Memorial Hall. Flying is from 6:30 usually until 9:30.

Our flying calendar shows the venue for a particular date.

Newark Showground

Off Drove Lane (A46 / A1133 Island), Newark-on-Trent, Winthorpe, Newark NG24 2NY.

For the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall: From the main entrance gate off drove lane, proceed along the drive until the ‘T’ Junction. George Stephenson Exhibition Hall is the glass fronted building visible over the large grassy field to the right. Turn right at the ‘T’ junction and then a left turn will bring you to the car parking spaces in front of the building.

For Sheldon Hall: From the main entrance gate off drove lane take an immediate right turn. Sheldon Hall is the right most metal clad building of the group with entrance through the large metal sliding doors. Parking is on the grassy areas facing drove lane.

Farndon Memorial Hall

Farndon Memorial Hall, Marsh Lane, Newark NG24 3SZ